About Us

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association was established in 1941 to protect, defend, and further the sustainability of Commonwealth licensees. We serve as the only statewide trade and lobby association in Pennsylvania that works exclusively for retail licensees. From corner bars, neighborhood taverns, five-star restaurants, delis, and resorts, any Commonwealth business licensed to sell beer, wine, or spirits find themselves among the upper-crust of licensees as a member of this non-profit association. Our legislative efforts and political clout in Harrisburg is top-notch. 

Our members are always informed and have a voice when it comes to any legislative actions affecting their license or industry. Our members are always the first to know new liquor laws, liquor code changes, deadlines, permits, and new privileges within the state that will further their business and client opportunities. As the trade association for retail licensees in Pennsylvania, we offer a wide variety of benefits that save our members revenue and time on services used on a daily basis in our industry. Remember that politics is the only sport where spectators lose.

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