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Complete Instructions and Training for Tavern Games and Permits

After years of being the only retail licensees in the state without any gaming ability, the PLB/Tavern Association has finally won the right for the licensees we represent to get in the game. Everyone should be excited since even if you do not wish to participate, your license value just went up! If you do want to participate, we are the only group that has your best interests at heart. We have labored over this issue for over 20 years and want you to make the most of it for yourselves and our industry’s future in the Commonwealth. We are prepared to teach, help, and walk through this new business advantage with our members. This will ensure our members are ready, educated, and know how to jump into the game immediately.

Weekly Reports on Legislation and Regulatory Changes

Everything you have a right and need to know regarding bills, proposals, regulatory changes, application deadlines, and so much more. Also contains all the information on backroom deals including who is making them, who is helping you, and who is hurting your business and your license. These reports contain information that you will never find out from lawyers, newspapers, or politicians themselves because this information is not intended for the general public to know. We walk you through regulatory changes and application processing for all old and new mandates. This information puts you steps ahead of all your competition. Priceless

Quarterly Liquor Code Fact and Reminder Catalogue For Your Business

Includes the questions and answers you’ll need dealing with everything from Employee Related Issues, Customer Related Issues, Licensee's Rights, Discounting, Permits, Drink Specials, Tournaments, Promotions, RAMP and Identification issues, Minors & VIP's, and more.

PLCB Legal Opinions and Answers with Complete Anonymity

Lawyers would charge you $200/hour to find out these same answers and binding legal opinions. We also follow-up on transfers, get permits in 1 day, etc.!

Liquor Liability and Business Insurance

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association, the only statewide, non-profit trade association that has exclusively represented the retail licensees of Pennsylvania since 1941, has secured a cost-saving liquor liability and business insurance plan for all members. With this Exclusive pricing offer, some plan options include:
  • General Liability | $1,000,000 Each Occurrence | $3,000,000 General Aggregate | $3,000,000 Products Completed | $1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury | $1,000,000 Damages to Rented Premises
  • Liquor Liability | $1,000,000 Each Common Cause | $1,000,000 Aggregate
  • Property Insurance
  • Casualty Insurance
Some plan options offer additional endorsements including coverage for:
  • Cooking Protection Systems
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Off-Premise Power Failure
  • Radio & Television Antennas
  • Extension Signs
  • Guests' Property
  • Building Glass & Solar Panels
  • Outdoor Property
  • The program also underwrites assault and battery coverage, valets services, defense costs outside of liability limits and equipment breakdown.
  • We support and encourage responsible practices; therefore, this program will also pay for up to 10 of your employees (up to $250) to get RAMP Server/Seller trained!
For more information on how you can save, click here.

Subscription to The Observer Magazine

Pennsylvania’s Beverage Journal is free for members! Non-members have to pay $28/year for this informative subscription.

Energy Plus Electricity Discount

Earn Cash Back on Your Electricity Bills! As the preferred electricity supplier of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association, Energy Plus® can help members earn Cash Back on their business or home electric bills. PLBA members can receive 3%-5% Cash Back on electric supply charges each year and a $25-$50 sign-up bonus after two months of active service for each business or home account enrolled. To learn more about the program - or to enroll, Click Here.

Discounted Online and Classroom RAMP Server/Seller Courses

Members receive a 25% discount. The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage/Tavern Association created the first PLCB-Approved and accepted Online RAMP Server/Seller Course. Click here for more information about the Online Course.

Prescription Discount Cards

Discount cards are available to members and their families. They cover name brand and generic prescriptions. Members receive a discount of up to 60%.

Credit Card Processing with Interchange Plus Rating

Low .15 cents a swipe while also working with your individual needs to make sure you are getting the best rates on processing, gift cards, equipment, etc. Now all members receive Interchange Plus Rating. Interchange Plus Rating can normally only be given if the establishment does over $75,000 a month in credit card processing!

BMI Discounts

Members save 20% off their total bill. Click here for more information.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Be sure to inform your employees of the PLB/Tavern Association-Endorsed Dental and Vision Insurance. This plan is offered to all members, their employees (full and part-time), and their families and is covered under one premium. Check, credit cards, and monthly payments are available. Coverage includes:

  • Routine exams, cleanings, and X-Rays covered at 100%
  • No waiting periods
  • Visit any dentist
  • Each contract year, have up to $1,000 paid for your dental services
  • Routine eye exams every 12 months
  • Frames and lenses, or contacts, once every 12 months
  • LENS123-Guaranteed lower prices on all name brand contact lenses
For more information on how you can save on Dental and Vision Insurance, click here.


Members, member’s children, employees, and their families have access to our yearly scholarship program. Click here for more information.

Member of the Month & Mixologist of the Month

Every month, one member and one mixologist is featured in The Observer Magazine, on our website, our facebook, and our mobile app. To nominate yourself or an employee, click here.

Security On Site (S.O.S.) Bouncer Training 

Bouncer Training to Fulfill Requirements of Philadelphia's Bouncer Ordinance as Enforced by the Philadelphia L & I. The Lowest Price Offered in Philadelphia with RAMP Training Included! Click here for more information.

Marketing Opportunities with Mobile Apps

Members can take advantage of this unique marketing tool to reach new customers and expand their brand. Click here for more information.