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Are BMI, SEASAC, and ASCAP legitimate companies?

Yes, they operate under the federal copyright laws and collect royalties for songwriters, composers, and artists. As a member, we offer to review your invoice and negotiate on your behalf to any of these companies that call on you.

May I run a daily drink special and a happy hour?

Yes. You Happy Hour can be two consecutive hours before midnight. Your daily drink special can be all day but can only be one specific beer. For example, you may have Yuengling Lager for a daily drink special but that does not include Yuengling Premium or Yuengling Light. Also, the daily drink special has to also end at midnight.

Do I have to return a fake ID to the individual presenting it to me?

Yes. You may take a picture or copy of at time of presentation. You may notify authorities of the individual but you may not detain them or keep the fake ID.

How do I get my employees certified under the RAMP Server/Seller course and how many do I need to certify?

You may contact the Pennsylvania Tavern Association at 1-800-543-7683 and we will provide you with a trainer. Our trainers are all very experienced in the industry. They are able to work according to your schedule (days, evenings, weekends) and travel to your establishment to train your servers. The class takes three hours to complete.

Does the Healthcare Reform Act pertain to my small business?

Yes. As a member we provide you with the exemption information that may excuse you from participating. We can also provide you with the information regarding tax-cuts or rebates on hiring individuals that are currently unemployed.

Can I advertise free drinks with purchase of a meal or entree?

No. Every customer may receive one free drink per day. You may not distribute coupons offering a free drink based on a purchase of any other product in your establishment.

May I serve a pitcher of beer to a patron sitting at the bar?


What time do all alcoholic beverages need to be removed from the bar or consumed?

ALL alcoholic beverages need to be consumed or removed from the bar by 2:30am.

What time do my employees have to leave the licensed establishment?

Whenever the work is done.

Can my employees have a drink after 2:30am?

No, whomever closes will not be drinking at your establishment that night.

Want to know about Texas Hold'em and how to keep it legal?

If you're a member, please contact the Pennsylvania Tavern Association for the answer.