Government Relations

Keeping You Informed

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association is the only non-profit, statewide organization that fights exclusively to protect liquor and beer licensees and their Pennsylvania licenses. 2011 is fast becoming a year of potential historical change in regards to the alcohol industry in Pennsylvania. If you are a member of the PTA, you will receive weekly private news updates to let you know how and what we are doing to protect your interests.

Here are just some of the issues that we are facing and will be working with legislators on this year:

  • Privatization of the PLCB

  • Grocery & Convenience Store Licenses

  • Small Games of Chance Reform

  • VIP's Regulations and Protection from Minors

  • Catering Off-Premise with Alcohol, Selling 2 Bottles of Wine to go

  • Distributors Want to Sell 6 Packs and 12 Packs

  • Modernizing the Liquor Code