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From the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association President:

The Pennsylvania Tavern Association (PTA) has had a significant presence in Harrisburg since 1941. We are the largest non-profit organization in the state made up of retail liquor licensees and we lobby the state legislature to protect and defend the rights exclusively for retail licensees in Pennsylvania every day.

This year and next could possibly hold the biggest changes in the liquor code and retail licensee industry that the Commonwealth has seen since the end of Prohibition. The need for your business to represented on Capitol Hill is of the utmost importance.

As President of this hard-working association, I am asking for your help with our political action committee (PAC) fund. Even if you are not a member of the Association, you can still help us to protect YOUR BUSINESS by contributing to this fund so that we can help our friends in the State Legislature. These friends are the men and women on Capitol Hill that stand up for your rights and refuse to cast votes that will hurt you, they introduce bills that will help you grow your business, and they refuse to bow down to demands that take away from the value of your license.

We must maintain a powerful PAC fund in order to ensure our message is heard.

We urge all licensees to mail your contribution today so that we can stay in the race to help all of us! Mail a contribution of $100, $200 (or whatever your budget allows) in the form of a personal check made out to the Tavern PAC to 204 State Street-3rd Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17101. We are not allowed to accept corporate checks for this fund so please make sure your check is personal. Call me with any questions at 1-800-543-7683.

Thank you in advance for your help. Together we can protect and preserve the rich heritage that is the bar and tavern industry in Pennsylvania.

Remember, politics is the only game in which spectators lose!


Tom Boock, President
Pennsylvania Licensee



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