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Introducing the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association's Lobbying Firm:

State Street Strategies is a government relations and public affairs firm headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Ray Zaborney and his wife Jennifer, who have spent the past several years advising candidates for political office at the Federal, State, and Local level, manage State Street Strategies.

As principals of State Street Strategies, Ray and Jen have been recognized nationally for their accomplishments and leadership in the political and public policy world. They have advised campaigns at every level, including candidates for President, the United States Senate, Congress, Governor, and the Legislature.

State Street Strategies has been successful in the realm of government affairs and public relations on behalf of their clients, including Pennsylvania Biofuels, Voyager Group, The Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Commonwealth Liquor Consortium, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Their insistence on a limited client list sets the firm apart from others in their approach, this ensuring focus of their time and attention on achieving their clients’ goals.

Their team brings many years of experience in the realms of government relations and public affairs.  They are proud of their record of serving their clients in a professional manner that is rewarding to both the client and the firm. For more information on State Street Strategies, please visit 

Joining us from State Street Strategies are the following:

Ray Zaborney - Ray Zaborney has been recognized nationally for his leadership roles in both politics and public affairs.  Ray has played a key role in helping to grow the majorities in both the house and the senate, and has served as a key advisor to many of Pennsylvania’s leading political figures.  Zaborney has been named a rising star and was named one of the five most influential Republicans in the state of Pennsylvania by Campaigns and Elections Magazine.  Zaborney advises a diverse group of clients in Pennsylvania and has been successful in moving legislation and helping clients work the regulatory framework of state government.

Krystjan Callahan - Krystjan Callahan has served Speaker Designee Mike Turzai for the past 8 years, most recently serving as the chief of staff to the majority leader.  Callahan has worked for the House Republican Caucus since 2003, serving in senior leadership roles, including executive director to the House Whip, executive director of House Policy committee, and as a staffer on several caucus task forces.  Callahan also worked for the Commerce committee and in the Republican Research Office.  Callahan has served as one of Speaker Designee Mike Turzai’s closes advisors during his rise from rank and file to the top of Leadership in Harrisburg.