Government Relations | Lobbying

Introducing the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association's Lobbying Firm:

Crisci Associates is a very respected and well-known group in Harrisburg and we are happy to have them representing the PTA on Capitol Hill. Tony Crisci has already managed to protect us from a surprise bill that would have created a new category of licensees that would be "wine-only licenses". These licenses would have been able to be acquired for a very low cost and any restaurant would have been eligible to apply for this license. He managed to deal with this all on his very first day with the taverns. Great job!

We are also ecstatic to have Ron Raymond as an added bonus from Crisci Associates! He is the immediate past Chairman of the House Liquor Committee and we have worked with him for many years on licensee issues. He knows our positions and all of the background history of all key players in the PA alcohol industry. This is a great move for our association and Ron has been excellent working on our issues.

Also joining us from Crisci Associates are the following:

David E. Hess - is the former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and has served in state government for over 30 years holding positions in the Pennsylvania Senate and the former Department of Environmental Resources. He is now Director of Policy and Communications with Crisci Associates.

Anthony L. Crisci - has had a practice completely devoted to government relations representing Fortune 500 companies, other businesses, and trade associations. He also serves as Legislative Counsel and Executive Secretary of the Pennsylvania Soft Drink Association. Tony has done extensive legislative work with environmental and general business issues. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Capital Law School. Tony previously was a partner in Holston & Crisci and Lench & Crisci, P.C. He resides in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Ron Raymond a 33-year veteran of local and state government is Governmental Affairs Manager at the firm. Ron represented the 162nd district in Delaware County in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for 24 years. During that time he served as Republican Chairman of the Liquor Control Committee and played a key role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies as Secretary of the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee.

As a member of the House Consumer Affairs Committee, he considered issues related to public utilities and served on the Rules Committee, which controls the flow of all legislation in the House. He was also involved in transportation issues as Chairman of the Committee on the Future of Transportation Entities, which was charged with finding ways to improve Commonwealth airports. Among his legislative accomplishments were establishing the Pennsylvania Do Not Call Registry and the Pennsylvania Business Resource Center to promote economic development.

Prior to his service in the House, Ron was involved in a variety of positions in his hometown of Sharon Hill as a member of borough council and mayor.