Legislator of the Month:

August 2014

Senator Jim Ferlo

Democrat: Serving part of Allegheny County, Democrat Chair of Senate Law & Justice Committee. 

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    Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association 

            ~ News Articles & Press Releases ~ 

ATM Machines on Licensed Premise | The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association attended the June 25th, 2014 PLCB Board Meeting. At the meeting, the board approved "blanket approval" of ATM Machines being in use at a licensed establishment. This means that you will not need to seek approval from the Board to continue operation of your ATM and you cannot be cited for operating a second business because of the machine | Amy Christie 

Tavern Games | Tavern Games Bill Released: Senate Bill 1412 By Senator Rich Alloway

Loyalty Programs | The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association Supports HB 2069-Mug Clubs | Tom Boock & Amy Christie

Tavern Games
 | Capitolwire: Bureaucratic Red Tap Blamed for Lag in Tavern Gaming Applications | Kevin Zwick, Capitolwire

Across the Bar Tax | Philadelphia Chapter President Speaks to City Council Against the Increase of the Across the Bar Tax | John Longacre

Privatization | The PLBA Testifies on Privatization in Front of the Senate Law & Justice Committee | Amy Christie

Flexible Pricing | The PLBA Testifies Against Flexible Pricing in Front of the Senate Law & Justice Committee | Amy Christie

Legal Limit | Should the Legal Limit for Drinking and Driving be Lowered? The PLBA Goes Head to Head with the NTSB in this Point/Counter-Point Article Regarding Lowering the .08 BAC to .05 BAC | Amy Christie

Paid Sick Leave | The PLBA's Response to Philadelphia City Council's "Mandatory Paid Sick Leave" Proposal | Amy Christie

License Value | The PLBA is Fighting to Protect the Value of Our Licenses: Retailers are Ready to Serve Pennsylvania's Market | Alex Nixon and Brad Bumsted

Protecting Licensees | The PLBA Speaks Out to Protect Retail Licensees as Presented in Testimony on House Bill 1231 to the House Liquor Control Committee | Amy Christie 

Package Reform | Package Reform in House Bill 11 Robs Retail Licensees; Pennsylvania Licensees Call for Fairness From Lawmakers | Amy Christie

Member of the Month

August 2014

Tina & Sean Harrigan

Hatboro, Pennsylvania

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Mixologist of the Month:

August 2014

Adam Garbinski

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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